The foosball game is played on a soccer table

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The foosball game is played on a soccer table

Beitragvon chitianshi520 » So Mär 04, 2018 6:30 am

Pool party invitations for a cool pool party. Summertime fun! Just don?t forget the sunscreen. Make a splash with your party and impress your guest with a cool pool , great food, great drinks, and great music. Why not play Jimmy Buffet?s Meet Me in Margaritaville ? The Ultimate Collection and see how many parrot heads are in your group. We think you?ll have a few. They?re always around.

You don?t want to get too full at a swim party, so supply a light, but great buffet , such as:

* Mango and shrimp wraps

* Greek salad

* Lemon Pepper Chicken

* Vegetable Kabobs

* Chips, salsa, and guacamole

And of course, have some frozen drinks to keep everyone cool, such as:

* Bottled water

* Iced tea

* Margaritas (also goes with your tunes , awesome)

* Pina Coladas

* Hawaiian Margarita

* Chi-Chi

Pool Party Invitations

After you set the date, create your own, personalized pool party invitations. It?s easy to do and it?s free, so why not? You can not only create your own invitations, you can create your own online networking forum. Get all the pool party ideas , games, and menu items you want-- and more.

Start by creating a personalized pool party web page. Then you will send out the invitations to this web page electronically through emails that will take your guests directly to your web page by a clickable link in the email.

You will have access to the use of over 60 multi media tools to add pool party pictures, videos, polls, comments , and much more, all personalized to your theme. What about adding funny videos of pool party mishaps? Add some music to the page and plug a reminder about sunscreen. Post a challenge for a swimming contest or for a dance contest. Why not? You don?t have to swim the whole time, you know.

Party Invitations

When your guests come to your page, they?ll see the guest list and maybe even pictures of themselves beside their names. They?ll be able to respond to your invitation and see how others have responded. They?ll see who?s ready to jump in, who is shaking their heads no , and who can?t decide if the water is right or not.

They?ll also see that they can network and offer suggestions for the pool party so they?ll splash right in there. Let others join the party by cross referencing other pool party online groups and network with them too. There is no limit to how many groups you can network with or for how long. Network away and have a 247 party right there online.

If you?re enlisting some helper friends to help with the party, use the task manager to assign the previously agreed upon tasks. Send out automated email reminders about the party itself as the cannon ball countdown continues.

You can even post a budget online and manage it from there. With over 60 multi media tools to use, there?s nothing you can?t cover. Events Listed has made sure of that. And everything is free. Now have a splashy good time in the pool and enjoy!
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